Young Place Changers Program stage 1

During june this year William , Annabel and I attended the "place changers" Residential in garelochhead and was organised by youth Scotland and Greenpace Scotland.

we needed to go with an idea and ours was to clear and develop the area outside our youth centre in Eyemouth 

we were given the chance to apply for £500.00 . Our idea was to make the youth centre more visible to the public and cleaner and tidier outside.

we spent 5 days working hard as a team and were really thankfull to get help from Eyemouth Men's shed and Alec spence Landscape Gardening.

it was great to hear positive comments from so many passers by , all saying that we were making an improvement. We have now nearly completed stage 1 and can start to apply for stage 2. we can apply for a further £3,000 to complete the transformation. We want to involve the local community and offers of help will be appreciated


 We already have commitment from the caravan site for flowers and plants and the continued support and help from Eyemouth Mens Shed .

Here is the link for an article that was written by Annabel who attended the training an helped during the Young Place Changers Program 

         Day 5 the end result

Day 5 the end result

Young Place changers stage 2

more to follow